Motorcycle Tires

How Different Motorcycle Tires Affect Riding

Different tires affect the way a motorcycle handles. The different tire brands have different characteristics. Finding whichVista-Motorcycle-tires.jpg tire is best for you depends on your riding styles, riding ability, and personal preference. Each type of tread pattern is specially designed for a particular type of environment.

Tire matching is very important because some motorcycles have tread patterns that are designed for a specific terrain. When you combine an old tire with a new tire it can cause unpredictable instability in the handling.

Motorcycle Tire Maintenance

Obtaining optimum performance and handling is why it is so important to match the front and rear tire. Where applicable, be sure to align the rear wheel each time it is removed. Make sure the drive chain or belt is adjusted properly before riding it. When a tire is incorrectly aligned the wheel can scuff off tread rubber, and reduce tire mileage, and impair steering and corning.

Unbalanced wheels vibrate at certain speeds. Always have tires professionally spin balanced after installation. If spin balancing is not possible, a static balance will suffice.

Air pressure is important; it improves handling, gas mileage, and will keep you safe.

  • To much air pressure is dangerous; wear on the center of the tread means the air pressure is always too high, which causes the bike to ride harder and lose traction at crucial moments.
  • Under inflation means there is too much contact with the road by the outer treads of a motorcycle tire. Tires low on air will run higher temperatures that deteriorate the tires compounds and reduce the tires life.
  • Cupping is a type of wear that appear around the edge of the tread on one side or another.
  • Second-rib wear usually found in radial tires appears when steel belts end in relations to the tread. Pay attention to tire pressure. Abnormal wear patterns are often caused by the simple need of tire maintenance. Every tire has a different minimum tread depth.

It is best to not store your bike in the direct sun light. A long term of exposure to sunlight hardens and ages the tires. Another important tip on storing your bike tires is keep away from chemicals like gasoline and oil. It can contaminate the rubber compound of the tires breaking down the materials and aging them prematurely.

If you feel your bike is ready for new tires, maintenance or spin balancing, bring it in to the motorcycle mechanics at Vista Motorcycle.