Carbuerator Repair

Bike won’t start after sitting? Could be old gas or a plugged carburetor(s).

A common problem with motorcycles is not starting after sitting in storage for a period of time. If a bike was runningVista-Motorcycle-2Carburetor when parked but fails to start after a few months of sitting, then it’s probably bad gas in the carburetor that dried out leaving sediment behind.

The sediment is a combination of dirt and fuel additives. These additives do not evaporate with the gas. They stay behind. When you turn on the gas it mixes up the sediment in the bottom of the float bowl of the carb. This chunky mixture is then sucked into the tiny fuel metering jets inside the carb. Most times the sediment is larger than the holes in the jets and plugs them up. When the holes in the jets are plugged then the engine is starved of fuel and fails to start.

The way to fix this problem is to disassemble the carburetor and clean the plugged passages. Carbs are tricky little contraptions. They have many passages inside them not easily cleaned. We soak the parts in a sonic parts washer tank with hot solvent for a few hours. Then we carefully blow dry the passages with controlled bursts of compressed air. We then make the proper adjustments and reassemble with new seals. This assures the carb meters fuel properly and there are no external fuel leaks.

Other issues include dirty air filter. Many riders put their bikes away for the season but forget to clean the air filter prior to storage. A dirty and dry air filter causes sever damage to an engine by letting in dirty air. The dirt plugs up the carb and scratches the inner cylinder wall. This can lead to poor performance or catastrophic and costly to repair engine failure.

Avoid engine failure and ensure plenty fun riding in the sun with one visit to Vista Motorcycle.