Your motorcycle is more than just a way to get around town. It’s a statement of who you are, your attitude, lifestyle and love for the thrill of the ride.

To help you trick out your ride and keep it in top performing condition we are pleased to bring you new accessory ideas and options each month. 

Have a specific accessory you want?  Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you get it for your bike.

 Take a look at the latest accessories now available at Vista Motorcycle:


Handlebar Accessories On Sale Now

Need a better way to keep your cell phone* and GPS easily in view?

Check out the Handlebar Accesssory Mounts now available.

We can also get  Drink Holders & Specialty Mirrors for your bike.  

*Cell phone not included





Motorcycle Handlebar Grips on sale

The right grips can make your ride more fun, give you better control hand help avoid arm pump from distance riding.

Whether you want new grips to update your bike’s look- or you need them for comfort and control, take a look at some new styles available at Vista Motorcycle.

Ready for  new Handlebar Grips for your motorcycle? Contact Vista Motorcycle to get the brand you need.




Sports Bike Spoiler Windshields

 Spoiler Windshields that are a must have!

Stylize your bike, improve your speed or comfort, protect yourself and your bike from wind and mud, and tailor your bike to match your own personal tastes

This selection of special spoiler windshields  is perfect for undertaking long, fast motorbike journeys in comfort. There is a significant reduction in turbulence and wind pressure against the helmet.

Call us today to get your windshield and installation scheduled with one of our QUALITY mechanics!





Need Your Bike to Be Cooler?  Check Out X-Braced Radiators  

Today’s motocross and off-road motorcycles are built to withstand severe punishment, treacherous terrain and the inevitable crashes that come with our sport. Still, these race-tested and technological driven machines are only as strong as their weakest link, and as most riders will inevitably find out, the most fragile part of the motorcycle is often the radiator.

X-Braced models have 20% larger cores for increased capacity and better cooling.




Looking for other ideas to accessorize your ride?   

All your motorcycle parts, service & repair and accessory needs are met at Vista Motorcycle!

Call us or come into the shop and look through the options available.