Tire Sale

Vista-Motorcycle-tires.jpgVista Motorcycle is making way for new stock by selling new and used discount motorcycle tires at prices far below dealer cost. Popular sport bike, street bike, cruiser and Harley Davidson tires. Name brands include Dunlop, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Metlzer among many more. A few off road and dual sport tires are available too.

Discount Motorcycle Tires on Sale Now: Prices starting as low as $30
Call for availability, subject to change daily.

Bridgestone Battlax BT020 White Wall Rear 200/60 R 16 79V $145
Bridgestone Exedra L309 Front 140/80-17 69H $100
Bridgestone Hoop B02 Rear 150/70-13 64S $99
Cheng Shin Front or Rear 3.25-17c186 $30
Cheng Shin Rear 5.10-16 SOLD
Cheng Shin CS HI-MAX 140/90-16 71 $30
Continental TKC80 Twin Duro Front 110/80 B19 59Q $99
Continental TKC80 Twin Duro Rear 150/70 B17 59Q $100
Dunlop D401F 90/90-19 52H $160
Dunlop Metric Cruiser D404 Front 150/80×17 $121
Dunlop Nylon K81/TT100 Rear 4.10-19 60H SOLD
Dunlop Geomax MX51 – Off Road Knobby 80/100-21 $50
Kenda K 657 110/90-19 68H $54
Metzeler Marathon ME880 Front 150/80-16 $256
Michelin Anakee Rear 150/70R17 69V $175
Michelin Anakee 2 Front 100/90-19 57H $74
Michelin Pilot Rd RD3 Front 110/80 ZR 18 $149
Michelin Pilot Sport SC Rear 160/60 R15 $100
Pirelli Route MT66 Front 120/90-17 $95
Pirelli Route MT66 Front 90/90-19 $124
Trials APR Front or Rear 2.75-18 $30
Cheng Shin Tubeless 20 x 7.00-8 $20
IRC MBR-77 3.50-12 $20
Cheng Shin 4.00-10 $20
Cheng Shin Highway 2.5-10 $20
Cheng Shin Highway 2.5-10 $20
Cheng Shin Highway 2.5-10 $20

Used Motorcycle Tires only $30 each now through January 30, 2015:
All tires in good condition with 50% or more left on tread life. Call for availability, subject to change daily.

Avon AM23 130/70 VB18SC (F/B) $30
Avon Viper Stryke 120/80-16 60P $30
Avon Viper Stryke 100/80-16 50 $30
Bridgestone Battlax Rear 180/55-17 SOLD
Bridgestone Exedra G547 110/70-17 54H SOLD
Bridgestone Exedra G703 Front 150/80-16 71H $30
Bridgestone Exedra Max 180/70-15 76H $30
Bridgestone Trial Wing Front 120/90-18 $30
Bridgestone with FREE Inner Tube  3.50-18 $30
Dunlop with FREE Inner Tube 110/90-18 SOLD
Michelin Commander II Front 130/80-17 $30
Michelin Commander II Rear 180/65-16 $30
Dunlop D402F Front 130/70B18 $30
Harley Davidson – Dunlop D407 180/55 B18 80H $30
Harley Davidson – Dunlop D407 180/55-18 $30
Michelin Commander II Front 130/80-17 $30
Pirelli Route MT66-27 180/70 15 76H $30
Hooker Paddle Tire SKAT-TRAK 110/90-19 $30
Dunlop Sports D739 FA Knobby 80/100-21 $30

If you don’t see your tire in stock, we can special order whatever new tire you want. It only take’s a day for delivery in most cases. The sale extends to special orders (not in stock tires), price 20% off with free shipping.

Motorcycle Tire Installation Sale Prices:
Mounting and Balancing Special:

$30 off bike (you bring in wheel only).
$50 on bike (we remove it) most general and sport bikes
$80 most cruisers and heavy touring bikes.
Other prices vary, call for quote. Inner tubes for spoke rims are extra.

More info: Regular price for the service of removing the wheel from a motorcycle and replacing the tire is $120. Special pricing limited to most models. Large touring bikes, baggers and custom are extra. Wheel off bike regular price is $50.

Tire sale ends when supplies on hand are sold out so hurry and call now!

Call Vista motorcycle at 760-724-9258 or visit us  in person at 1155 S. Santa Fe Ave. Unit G, Vista, CA. 92083.